Exporting goods from China to the EU can be a challenging and perplexing procedure. One of the most crucial parts of this process is obtaining the European Community Marking, which is mandatory for certain types of goods. This certification ensures that the products meet health and security regulations required by EU law, and without it, they cannot be sold in Europe. It's worth noting that the EC marking doesn't reflect the quality of the goods but serves as proof of compliance with EU regulations. To obtain this marking, a mandatory conformity process must be followed before certification is granted. It is essential to check that Chinese products are properly marked, approved by a third party, and subjected to compliance and risk studies before bringing them into the EU. In short, obtaining the EC marking is a crucial step in exporting goods from China to the EU, and it requires careful attention to detail and compliance with strict EU regulations.
Being aware of the norms to respect in terms of marking will be a plus for your future, as it will enable you to select the best suppliers taking into consideration this issue and ensuring the compliance of your goods with the European norms.

The responsibility for complying with EU regulations falls squarely on the importer, as Chinese manufacturers are not usually compliant with these regulations. In order to facilitate the process of compliance, it is recommended that you limit your supplier selection to those that are already exporting to the EU, as they are used to making products that comply with EU safety standards.

Before importing goods from non-EU countries, it's essential to verify that the manufacturer has met EU demands and has the necessary documentation available. Failure to do so can result in hefty penalties and even product seizure.

Trust between you and your manufacturer is crucial to ensure compliance and avoid legal issues. Don't forget about the VAT when importing from China, as Chinese companies have a different tax system and aren't registered in the EU. Avoid paying EU VAT directly to the supplier and know that paying China VAT is unnecessary since the supplier receives a refund upon export.

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