1. Obtaining an export license is a complex process that requires navigating through numerous steps set by MOFCOM – China's regulatory authority for foreign trade.
2. Companies must first establish themselves as exporters and register with local authorities to become FTC (Foreign Trade Company) eligible before they can even apply for the coveted permit from Ministry of Commerce officials! With detailed applications containing a wealth of information about their products – names, specifications included alongside crucial details such as destination country or region; quantity shipped per unit price tag totaling up all payments due upon delivery dates plus forms agreed amongst both parties involved (such is how intricate this procedure truly becomes).
3。 This exhaustive checklist ensures compliance with China's strict export regulations while providing clarity on expectations from interested firms looking to do business abroad successfully without any hiccups along the way – making it well worth investing time into understanding fully before diving headfirst!

Image of China’s ‘996’ Debate Reignited After ‘Overworked’ Pinduoduo Employee Dies
China’s ‘996’ Debate Reignited After ‘Overworked’ Pinduoduo Employee Dies

In the bustling heart of China's tech industry, the embers of a fiery debate have been stoked once more. Picture this: skyscrapers reaching for the he

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